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Traveling Wedding Videography Trends That Are Going to Hit The Ground in 2020


Finding the right wedding videographer is a painstaking process for soon-to-be-married wedding couples. Also, it is a daunting process to visualize a wedding video theme that is neither documentary nor typical. …….Phew!!

Relax. Take a deep breath and keep scrolling down. The following passages are going to reveal the 2020 traveling wedding videography trends that you will find inspirational. And once you choose one of these, you can find your wedding videographer.

Let the upcoming passages help you in this endeavor. Here is a list of the top wedding videography trends that are going to hit the ground in 2020!

Destination Wedding Videography Trends

Freeze Time wedding video

Do you remember the freeze time wedding video that went viral on the internet in 2016? That was a flash-in-the-pan incident. Still, wheeling it back for your wedding video maybe not a bad idea. Yes, it can be a time-consuming procedure. And it will require an annoying amount of cooperation from each of the participants. But taking this challenge and putting an extra effort will be worth it since the result will be super cool. Well, this might happen that when it is about a big group freeze shot, not all the guests can equally cooperate. In that case, you can choose a small group.

Same-Day Editing

Same-day editing isn’t a new trend yet. However, it is on its way to hit the ground as a brilliant traveling wedding videographytrend. In this editing process, the team of videographers focuses on gathering footage before and during the wedding ceremony. Then, when your guests might be at the reception buffet, the video editors will combine all the footage into a mini highlight reel. In the late evening, you can have everyone seated to watch this.

Now, as the same-day editing requires a team of videographers and editors, it can cost you more. But if you consider those ‘aww’ or ‘LOL’ moments, you will agree that it was all worth it.

The drone footages

It might not be a good idea to have a drone hovering over the wedding ceremony and focusing on a vertically-gifted guest. However, if you rely on the professional wedding videographers, the results won’t be disappointing.

Investing in drone footage will be a smart idea since drones can grab a particular perspective that you cannot capture on the ground. However, drone footages not only mean taking some aerial shots of your ceremony. It is also about grabbing the candid moments that define the suspense and the excitement of the day.

Save the Date

Wedding video invitations typically come in the form of motion graphic videos or cute scrapbook montages. However, recently, the bar has begun to rise. Yes, some people might say that the Save The Date videos are extravagant, over-the-top, and narcissistic. But these will help you stand apart from the traditional postal invites.

What about 3D Montage

The 3D montage wedding videos are one of the best visual effects trending now. It will come with some of the best moments with a brilliant outcome. These come in the add-on wedding videography packages.

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