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9 Tips for the Right Layout of Office Furniture in Malaysia

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It is crucial to have an organized office to have career success. An organized office helps to focus all the energy in the work and the entire office. Also, it puts you in control and command over your career. Did you know that the way you position your furniture promotes stimulation and comfort in the working environment? And that will encourage your overall success. No doubt – to get the best quality office furniture in Malaysia you need to get in touch with a trusted supplier.

However, here are 9 tips from the experts for the right aesthetic and productive office furniture layouts.

Check Out the Dos and Don’ts

Check Out the Dos and Don’ts Below

  1. DO – Place your desk in a way so you can see when you are sitting behind it. If you are sitting setting your back to the door, you will let others take advantage of you. In that way, you will also turn your back to the wealth and blessings coming in for flourishing your career.
  2. DO – It is always great to sit with your back against a corner or solid wall and not with a window behind. It makes you vulnerable to have a window behind you.
  3. DON’T – Sitting in line with the door will not be a great idea since thus, you will set yourself in the path of negative energies.
  4. DO – It will enhance your creativity if you place your computer in the north or west areas of your desk. If you use your computer to generate income, you should place it in the Southeast corner.
  5. DON’T – According to the experts, when it comes to setting office furniture in Malaysia, you should not have any mirrors in your office since these can reflect negative energies towards your clients and your employees in the room.
  6. DO – You should keep the cords of all the equipment at the office well hidden. It will help you keep your office clutter-free and will also allow the free flow of energies in your office.
  7. DO – You should be placing your reference books and any other items you often reach for on the left side of your desk.
  8. DO – Try to keep the back left corner of your desk dust-free, clean and uncluttered. If you think there will be space in the back of your monitor for posters or photos, make sure you position the pictures facing you.
  9. DO – It is important to have an ergonomic office chair since it will comfort as well as take care of your back and posture. Remember your office chair stands for your career area. Therefore, try to keep it clean. And try to set it on a new and fresh looking floor mat.


The Online Supplier to Contact

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