Microwaves are no longer considered a luxury item rather these have become a necessity. And these days, almost everyone seems to have one of these kitchen appliances in their home. Microwaves are a very handy device that not only helps in heating up food but this also helps in cooking, baking, grilling etc. These appliances last up to several years and these have become a must-have item for every smart homemaker or a working individual. However, if you don’t use them properly, they can have problems that will require costly microwave repair. These won’t offer the performance they are meant to serve. Here is a list of some common microwave usage mistakes you should avoid.

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Using plastic in microwaves

One of the most common and severe mistakes that people make when using microwaves is that some people use plastic in them. Using regular plastic containers are a no-go option for microwaves as plastic leaves very harmful chemicals when these are exposed to sunlight or are in contact with boiling water and heat in the microwave. To stay on the side of safety, use microwave proof plastic containers.

Not stirring or rotating food while heating in the microwave

Many of the microwave users put food items in the containers and put them into the microwave for heating it up. Well, this is a common mistake since if you don’t use rotation or if you don’t stir, microwaves may not be able to heat the food evenly. Therefore, you must go for rotating or stirring the food item from time to time when heating.

Skipping regular basis cleaning

Well, this is another common mistake regarding microwave usage. It damages the microwave a lot if you don’t clean the appliance inside and outside regularly. This will lead to poor performance and even require money-draining microwave repairs frequently. You need to make sure you are keeping the appliance well maintained. This will help you avoid the need for frequent repair and servicing. Also, this will enhance the performance and will also help in increasing its longevity.

Using the appliance as a table

For many users, the space above the microwave might seem to be very handy. And you might also find it fair to place kitchen items on it. However, this is not advisable at all. Microwaves leave radiations and that is why you should place it sufficiently away from the other items in your kitchen. If you place things over the microwave, this will hamper its performance.

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Always using high power for preparing food

If you think that cooking food by using high heat will properly and evenly cook food, it is wrong. Cooking food only using high heat in the microwave is another big mistake that many of us are likely to make. It is crucial to remember that high heat will lead to uneven cooking in most cases especially in case of cooking meats etc. Go for using medium or low heat while cooking food in the microwave.

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